The Role of HR Compliance

Compliance is the commitment of your business to follow the working standards set out by UK employment law, it is essential not just for the successful running of your business, but to avoid severe fines and criminal charges.

This affects your policies, procedures and documentation, as well as day-to-day responsibilities.

It also means your employees must receive all entitlements due to them as set out in their employment contract.
When you run a business, getting a grasp of employment law can be a real headache when you have so many other priorities to work on.

However it is essential for businesses to know about employee legislation and their obligations, so they are well placed to tackle any issue that should arise. Without this expertise, organisations can suffer from lengthy disputes, and financial losses, as well as reputational damage among their staff, clients and customers.

Whether you’re handling a difficult situation in the workplace, or you want to make sure you’re prepared for any difficulties down the line, we can support you.
New and changing legislation can have a big impact on HR roles and functions. Teams that don’t keep up with the law can struggle with the consequences if they’re not fully prepared. This can then have a knock-on effect, affecting the wider organisation, the engagement of its employees, and its reputation.

To stay protected, we’d recommend your business conducts an HR audit at least once a year. An HR audit is an in-depth analysis of your HR function to help you learn what your team’s strengths are, and where there may be opportunities to be better. An HR audit will also ensure your policies and procedures are up to date, so your employees know where to go when they need support.

Your HR documentation is vital for ensuring your business and the people who work there all have a common understanding of rights, responsibilities and processes.

It includes everything from employment contracts, to absence forms, job descriptions, and disciplinary and grievance policies. It’s absolutely essential that your business is protected by all standard HR documentation, and that it is expertly drafted and legally compliant.

Your HR documentation needs to be right for your business. Often, it may be copied from another business, or follows a template downloaded from the internet. However this may be too generic, or not sufficiently relevant to your own organisation. It may even hold you captive to terms and conditions that are not suitable for your business at all.

Ensuring you have contracts and documentation now, which accurately reflect your business and prepare you for any potential risk, can save a lot of problems further down the line.

Conflict in the workplace can become a lengthy process, impinging on the time and productivity of all staff members involved, and quickly leading to low morale if not handled professionally.

While dispute management is best handled initially between an employee and employer, sometimes a need for additional formality exists. In these situations, it can be helpful to bring in an external third party with relevant expertise to provide a fresh perspective.

Dispute resolution needs all parties to be open and honest in the conversations they have, and with the information they share. An objective third party can help facilitate this, with empathy for both sides of a dispute, to help work towards the most mutually beneficial outcome.

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