Is HR Outsourcing right for my business?

HR is all about the effective management of people to enable an organisation to meet its strategic aims. There are many activities associated with an HR department including:
- Resource planning and recruitment
- Writing employment contracts, policies and procedures (sometimes organised into a staff handbook)
- Dealing with staff issues such as grievances
- Managing discipline issues and performance management
- Restructures and redundancies
- Psychometric assessments and team building
- Organising staff pay and benefits
- Training and career development
The amount of HR support you may need varies from business to business, and operates at all levels of an organisation from the board room to the shop floor.

Read below some FAQ's about HR outsourcing, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.
How does HR
outsourcing work?
HR outsourcing is an alternative to having an in-house HR team. For many organisations, it is not cost effective to have an in-house HR team so outsourcing HR is a great option.
All organisations that employ people require some level of HR support.
When taking on your first employee, your business needs to provide employment contracts and other documents to ensure compliance with employment legislation. Well drafted employment documentation can also help protect an organisation’s interests.

HR businesses like Edelweiss HR offer a retained service or ad-hoc support. It is up to you to decide what is the best fit for your business.
How will Human Resources change
in the future?
People management is more complex than ever before. HR will need to spend more time focused on people challenges arising from:
- New employment legislation
- Remote working
- New working practices
- Skills and talent shortages

This will be made possible using technology designed to take away much of the administration burden from HR professionals.

We also believe that more organisations will look to outsource their HR activities to bring in HR specialists as and when required.
When should you
outsource HR?
The best time to outsource your HR is before any tricky people issues arise. As you would expect, it’s much easier to manage people issues when you are proactive rather than reactive.
Ideally you should outsource your HR at the point of taking on your first employee. That way, you can have your employment contracts and other employment documentation drafted by a professional. They will ensure your documents are legally compliant and protect business interests.
Realistically, we understand many organisations look to outsource their HR when there is a people problem that needs to be resolved (such as a grievance, redundancy, or performance management issue). That is fine. Edelweiss HR are happy to help whenever a problem arises.
Can you outsource 
Human Resources (HR)?
Yes, business owners can choose to outsource their HR if they wish. It can often be more cost effective to do this than hire a permanent HR advisor.
Some companies employ HR professionals who make up the HR department for the business.
Smaller companies, with fewer employees, may find that outsourcing HR to an external agency or professional is a better solution for the business, as they have fewer HR needs.
Edelweiss HR provides flexible outsourced HR services to suit the various needs of employers across a broad range of industries. Starting from micro businesses and start-ups, to larger more established companies.
What is the difference between in-house and outsourced HR?
In-house HR is a business function provided by skilled employees for a company.
Whether an individual HR advisor or a team lead by a HR manager, the in-house HR department is responsible for human resources and people management for the business. This ranges from recruitment to training, grievances, absence management, managing the leavers process and more.
The HR employees will have an employment contract and be enrolled in the company’s payroll.
Outsourced HR refers to HR services provided to a business by an external HR professional or agency. The outsourced HR provider will not be employed by the company and will instead have a contract for agreed services.
Outsourced HR provided by Edelweiss HR can apply to one off pay-as-you-go needs or provide longer term advice.
How much does outsourcing
 HR cost?
This depends on the level of HR support you require.

Typically, for a micro business (up to 5 people) the most important requirement is to ensure your employment documentation is legally compliant and protects the business.

For larger businesses who will have more employees (and therefore more employee issues), a more in-depth service would be required and will be priced depending on number or employees and your industry sector. and what additional services you require.

HR Outsourcing is great value and cheaper than employing an in-house HR person or team. This is why HR outsourcing is a great option for many businesses.

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  • "The team at Edelweiss HR have been efficient, extremely professional and have completely taken the burden away in helping us set up the Human Resource needs for our newly established charity. We will continue to work with them on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Human Resource support."

  • "Quick, comprehensive, flexible and great value for money. I no longer have to worry about HR, Anna's got it covered!"

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  • "Anna has been our retained HR advisor for almost three years. She started working with us when we hired our first employee, and she remained an invaluable support to us as the organisation has grown. Anna is responsive, experienced and gives good advice. I I would strongly recommend working with her to anyone that needs HR support as they grow their business."
  • "Anna and collegues at Edelweiss have been a huge help to Fermoie in the year since we started working together. As a small business, growing quickly it seemed the right time to seek external assistance to ensure we were following best practice and properly advised where needed. Anna has been brilliant in all areas, helping to prepare a comprehensive handbook for our team, reviewing contracts and advising on specific issues. We could not recommend her business more highly."
  • "We have been dealing with Anna Gage as our HR consultant for the last two years, during which time Anna has provided us with great support in the areas of recruitment, return to work of sick employees and the resolution of numerous internal disputes with successful outcomes. Anna has also provided excellent support to our young and inexpereienced managers and provides relevant, timely and practical advice on how to proceed with HR issues. I would confidentely recommend Anna Gage as an HR consultant for your company."
  • "I thought Anna's course regarding how to tackle difficult conversations and tricky situations very helpful. Covering a range of typical and not so typical situations that we all deal with on a day to day basis, this course was a perfect mix of content and interactive exercises between the group, which kept the learning fresh and easy to follow. Its great to know we are not alone! Thank you Anna I would highly recommend this course."
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