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We believe that any good business strategy includes people strategies to ensure that the experience your employees have at work creates a culture and workforce that will enable your business goals. We can work with you and your leaders to build a people strategy that sets you up for success. We can also be there to lead the implementation of any people initiatives you decide to introduce however simple or complex

A Human Resource strategy is a business’s overall plan for managing its people to align it with its business activities. The Human Resource strategy sets the direction for all the key areas of HR, including hiring, performance appraisal, development, and compensation.

The result of an HR strategy is often an HR mission statement. The HR mission statement helps to clearly define where the organization wants to go. All Human Resource Management practices and decisions can be judged based on that statement.
Our working lives are full of change, more so than ever before. Increasingly, organisations are experiencing regular restructures, redundancies, or new departments springing up to deal with emerging opportunities, data and technology. We are all living faster and must learn to incorporate regular change into our everyday lives.

We can help you plan for change so any shifts your company makes are approached in the right way to minimise culture shock or negativity where possible. We will support you with a strategy for communicating change so it is embraced and there are positive outcomes
Everybody has talents and strengths – but not everybody knows what their own strengths are, or how to get the best from them.

Meanwhile, good businesses and managers know that people who play to their strengths at work can be some of the most engaged, productive and satisfied staff members they have. When people are empowered to use the strengths they naturally have, success is far more achievable.

StrengthsFinder Coaching can identify your own personal capabilities and competencies, empower you to develop them, and become more self-aware.

StrengthsFinder Coaching can be especially helpful if your company is experiencing change, for instance from restructures, new leadership, mergers, or downsizing.

Your human resource is the core of your business. Get HR right and everything else will fall into place. Yet getting your workforce running smoothly is never easy; everybody is different and we all have different working styles.

Often we find our clients are so focused on the running of their business that when unexpected HR challenges arise they feel they need additional support. It could be they don’t have an HR department at all, or their HR department needs a little extra assistance. This is where we help.

We work with you and your teams to get to know you and understand your values and culture. We happily work with businesses of all sizes; from start-ups taking on their first employee to long established teams. We help you overcome any challenges you may have with team members, achieving the best outcome for all.

The level of HR support we provide is tailored to each client. There is no one-size-fits-all in HR.
Senior leaders often experience high levels of pressure and stress. New competencies – for example – can often be expected of senior managers at short notice during organisational change. However these busy executives rarely have anywhere to go to seek support and guidance.

Executive HR coaching and mentoring provides this necessary service, unlocking potential, and opening the door for professional growth. It’s one of the most powerful change management enablers out there.

Whether you’re looking for leadership development, coaching for individuals transitioning roles, or direction during periods of change, disruption, or corporate restructuring, we can help. With our executive HR coaching and mentoring, your senior managers and business leaders will expand their capabilities, perform more effectively and thoughtfully, and overcome challenges in the workplace.

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  • "The team at Edelweiss HR have been efficient, extremely professional and have completely taken the burden away in helping us set up the Human Resource needs for our newly established charity. We will continue to work with them on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Human Resource support."

  • "Quick, comprehensive, flexible and great value for money. I no longer have to worry about HR, Anna's got it covered!"

  • "Edelweiss has been guiding Cripps & Co for the last two years around HR matters to do with its c500 employees. Anna Gage has grown to know the Cripps group fairly intimately over the period and has become an important and supportive friend."

  • "Anna has been our retained HR advisor for almost three years. She started working with us when we hired our first employee, and she remained an invaluable support to us as the organisation has grown. Anna is responsive, experienced and gives good advice. I I would strongly recommend working with her to anyone that needs HR support as they grow their business."
  • "Anna and collegues at Edelweiss have been a huge help to Fermoie in the year since we started working together. As a small business, growing quickly it seemed the right time to seek external assistance to ensure we were following best practice and properly advised where needed. Anna has been brilliant in all areas, helping to prepare a comprehensive handbook for our team, reviewing contracts and advising on specific issues. We could not recommend her business more highly."
  • "We have been dealing with Anna Gage as our HR consultant for the last two years, during which time Anna has provided us with great support in the areas of recruitment, return to work of sick employees and the resolution of numerous internal disputes with successful outcomes. Anna has also provided excellent support to our young and inexpereienced managers and provides relevant, timely and practical advice on how to proceed with HR issues. I would confidentely recommend Anna Gage as an HR consultant for your company."
  • "I thought Anna's course regarding how to tackle difficult conversations and tricky situations very helpful. Covering a range of typical and not so typical situations that we all deal with on a day to day basis, this course was a perfect mix of content and interactive exercises between the group, which kept the learning fresh and easy to follow. Its great to know we are not alone! Thank you Anna I would highly recommend this course."
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